Sunday, 9 March 2008

Bad-tempered walker

We have a major storm heading for the UK, apparently. It's all over the news and there are flood warnings out, etc.
So, we've tidied up the garden, put stuff away that could be carted off by any storm in the offing and are now inside trying to keep warm. It's absolutely freezing so heating is on. I really feel for those in North America who have had 20 inches of snow fall in a day!! Eeeek.

Hope everyone keeps safe:O))

Gratuitous pic of Smiling Spooky....who is the most cantankerous cat I know!!:O)))

Today, we went on a little hike around a local trail/walk. Junior was happy to do this instead of sitting inside and it seemed like the weather was lovely. If we ever go on walks then it always entails packing grub and drinks so we can have a little sit down somewhere:O) Junior insists on this. "What if we get lost and are starving?" LOL.... So, with sarnis and flask prepared, warm clothing on, maps and pooches at the we went.

Now, I have come to the conclusion that I am really, really, really a terribly bad-tempered walker!! I hate all the farting around, waiting for people with dogs to pass us while we hold onto our two.... who always show us up and bark at other dogs. Then, Molly especially, pulls like anything on the lead. She wants to be off and racing around, being as she has a bit of whippet in her:O) But, I can't let her off the lead 'cos she chases birds into fields and dislikes joggers and cyclists and would happily clamp her jaw into any passing backside. Why, oh why do other people always walk their dogs when I'm walking mine? It's just not on!! LOL

This is the same walk we did in the summer and it's amazing how different the land seems now that the trees have shed their leaves and you can see more. We discovered loads of little paths, secret cottages (so lovely) and even a farm I didn't know existed..sort of Secret Gardenish:O)

Anyway, after we had been oiked around for half an hour or so (yes, don't laugh!!!) Junior decides she is hungry so we eat our supplies:O) Then, it's off again on a different track to see what we can find on the journey. Lots of horses, who could have done with a blanket or coat on in my opinion, some birds which I think were female peacocks, donkeys..we even came across a fishing lake. By this time we were frozen and headed back home. We'd been out for a good few hours by then and there were storm clouds on the horizon. You can see them coming across if you look from my bedroom window. The light wasn't good enough to get a good shot of the moors, so apologies. My professional photographer brother would be shaking his head in disgrace if he saw these, but I know you lot can keep a secret! lol

Junior is still happily pursuing her linguistic studies...which are leaning towards French. She'd quite like to go there. tasting holiday coming up!!!:O))))

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