Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Romeo and Juliet

So, do you ever have one of those days when you've seen things, by chance, that you wish you'd never seen..however trivial it might seem to other people? Stuff that just gets to you, pulls at your heart strings, is not fair and spoils the day? Today was one of those.

We are late...as usual..appointment in town..late for bus. Sod it..we've missed it..so have to walk. Anyway, finds that there are people at the bus stop. Yippee...bus is late!!!! Buses run when they seem to please in hill billy land. So, we wait. saves having to walk a few miles or so in the stormy winds of late. There is not point in having a well-groomed hairstyle here lately!!

So, we are at the bus stop. It's outside a house that was for sale a few months ago and that Junior took a shine to and wished we could afford to buy. We did purchase lottery tickets...to no avail:O(

There's a garden wall, then a grass verge..then the bus stop. All very nice. But, bugger me, I had to glance down on the grass and there was a pair of black birds. One male, one female...dead. Laid side by side....It looked like one had died and the other had stayed at its mate's side in support. Reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. Can't explain except that it was really, gut-wrenchingly poignant. Maybe the ferocious winds got them..looks like it. It was so sad to see, though.

Mum was pragmatic, as per usual, and tells me that they don't live for long but, still, it ain't fair.

Call me soft. I don't bloody care!!!!

We walked home from Mum's the other night (missed bus again) and ended up helping some local frogs to get to safety. Well, they would decide to want to cross the road and risk getting flattened!!! Junior wouldn't hold my hand on the way home after that, though!! Wonder why? lol

Got a bit more cultured with the playlist. I like Michael Nymen and think this track is lush:O))

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Gill said...

That's just weird about the blackbirds!