Friday, 28 September 2007

Blowing my Trumpet

Crap title. Sorry.

Anyway, you may have guessed that our little pet water snail, is a Trumpet snail!! The sweet little thing has grown (due to the large portions of fish food he's being fed) and is big enough for us to identify.

Anyway, happy news. we have a home for the little fella and he no longer has to live in isolation in his present tank:O) My HE friend Y has kindly agreed to take the little tike in and give him a home in her garden pond. AND, I'll get it in writing that she'll look after him and ensure that he's not bullied by the other snails!! LOL. (can you feel Y's eyes rolling after reading the aforementioned gumph?) Anyway, I'm sure the pond will be heaps more exciting than a tidgy little tank:O)


dawniy said...

awww bless , and i love the pic of your cat under the cover lol

dawniy said...
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Minnie said...

Hi Dawniy, I've sent the addy to you:O)