Tuesday, 18 September 2007


Well, the old hips have still got it!! Why? Two words.... belly dancing:O) Junior was hoping that we'd do the Shakira dance for the newbies but we are being taught a brand new dance and the music to it is not yer straight forward stuff...lots of off beats, etc. So, we slept like the proverbial log last night. Shame I don't have any bathroom scales 'cos I'm sure I've shifted a pound or two with all the shimmying. Anyway, it all sort of fits in the with Ancient Egyptian project that Junior is doing.

She's been busy making daily charts (with stuff from my cardmaking stash, again!. She's keen to earn money via extra chores so she can buy the things she wants...mainly Tracy Beaker stuff and chocolate. lol She hates being broke so this will be a good lesson for her in that money doesn't grow on trees and has to be earned. She's even bartering terms!!! Up to now any money she's had has burned a hole in her pocket, so to speak. These charts....she's made enough to last the year, I wonder if her enthusiasm will last last that long? We shall see. I don't think she'll spend it all selfishly. She quite often buys bars of chocolate and little "bits" and then gives them to people she likes or cares about:O)

Yesterday I made vegan pancakes for the first time ever. They are so easy to do and really yummy and filling. I must get a decent pancake pan to make my life easier:O) Junior still likes to have bacon now and again. We've tried vego bacon but it's just gross. Wonder if there is a make out there that is palatable enough for her? Nowadays, going down the meat aisles in the supermarkets makes me want to heave. Yuk. Wish there were more vegan products about.

As we were so knackered after our exertions yesterday, we both had a nap this afternoon...and bliss it was, too:O) We're suffering the consequences 'cos we both are so NOT tired...same goes for the kittens..who slept when we slept. Dash and blast!! Now we've got to tire the little blighters out before we go to bed, or else they'll carry on partying. The three are all together, in the lounge and whizzing about like mental cases. They NEVER stop!! arghhhh!! It's the most sound-proofed room in the house. See..there's me being all considerate about the neighbours...noise pollution and all that. Note to self...must look on cat food tin to see how many bloody e numbers they've put into their product!! arghhhhh

Have responded to another consultation and signed a few petitions..all relating to home ed. I find it amazing that stuff like this is sort of not made more public and available to people. I'm sure most of the population don't realise that these things are about and that they could have a say in things by responding. Just seems to me to be a little...secretive. It's a bit like the lack of info on home ed in places like libraries and council premises. Makes me hate politics more.

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