Sunday, 16 September 2007


Junior has been in art mood today. Found her, with pencil and drawing pad, sketching away. She's quite good when she wants to be and left to her own devices. Also, she's been watching this US celebrity ballroom dancing prog and is quite taken with it. Maybe the attraction is not just the dance, but the sparkly showbiz outfits. Anyway, I can feel a few lessons coming on here:O)

Our visitors made their way home this aft and the house is strangely quiet again. I swear blind that Son no 1 gets taller every time I see him..or maybe I'm shrinking, seeing as I'm getting on a bit. Little sod built my character on the Wii and when it came to hair..well he opted for the grey. No guesses for which nose he picked (no pun intended! lol) until his girlfriend poked him in the ribs to change it to something more, err, normal!! lol He tried to give Junior a big, thick mono brow but didn't get away with it. He does his best to wind his sister up. Anyway, I whooped him at baseball:O)

More cd stories to listen to tonight. Helps relax Junior at also seems to calm the kittens down so they don't party all night"O) Also good if you take the ping pong ball out of their room, too. No distractions...concentrate on story time, little kitties!!

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