Monday, 10 September 2007

Orbiting Fairy Cakes

Junior has been listening to Harry Potter. We got the cds ages ago off ebay and have only just opened the box. She's also into 100 things you should know about Earth. We're at the sun and orbiting stage. We also went food shopping and are enjoying going to Aldi at the mo. Nice clean shop. Junior also did some crocheting. She's impatient and wants to be able to make granny squares before she can do I'm having to get her to chill and take it slowly....which is no good to her at all!! Her chainwork is actually very neat, so there's hope.

Yesterday, she insisted on making fairy cakes..for Syd..a sort of little ceremony that she had to do for him. Anyway, they were jolly nice, as Syd was:O)

Mmmmm....lovely....only a few left:O))

Then, she got the munchies and decided to make cookies..peanut butter. She sourced the recipe off the web and they were jolly nice, too!!

These are moreish!

Tonight, we made gnocchi and it didn't turn out like gloop this time. Yay!! Served with a lovely tom, onion and basil sauce. God, I love vegan food!!:O)))

My posts are boring at the mo. Don't feel well...too tired and not sleeping well - have a bit of a broken heart 'cos of Syd and knock back of recent events I suspect, too much to think about plus everyone I know seems to be in bad health, which does nothing for morale. Son no 2 is having a run of bad luck now. Even when your kids leave home you still worry about them. Once a parent, always a parent. The home ed related poverty gets to me too, especially being a singleton. I just hate that, the lack of funds I mean. Am sure I'll snap out of it soon once I find my mojo...but bugger me...can't remember where I put it!! I've become more forgetful than usual and put two loads of washing in and forgot to sit and watch it!! in put my foot on the door to prevent water from seeping. I was expecting a flooded kitchen when I eventually cottoned on to what I hadn't done..but it seems that if I put the washer on a certain programme, the leakage ain't that bad. Yipee. Saves me from being a captive audience.

Anyway, tomorrow we're going on walkabout, armed with our new ordnance survey maps, provisions and dogs to pull us up hill and dale:O) Hope the weather holds up.

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Raquel said...

aww Im sorry about your bunny :( and that you aren't feeling too good. Hope things look up soon x
All that food looks good..always a good place to start when curing one's soul :)