Thursday, 13 September 2007


Our belly-dancing lessons start up soon and Junior has been practising all week. Last term the tutor gave us all a cd each of arabic/belly-dancing tunes to practise to, if we so desired and which Junior has been flogging to death (neighbours..I'm sorry!) Wish I could video it, 'cos the concentration of that it's cute when she can dance with total abandonment. We've got some henna paste, so we'll enter into the spirit of things and decorate our hands ready for the next lesson. Wiggling your hips in true belly-dancing style is blummin hard and quite funny. So much so that I spend half the time giggling uncontrollably. What must I look like? Lol No doubt it's quite comical watching us learners. The likes of Shakira and others with elastic hips have my utmost respect:O)

We've been doing some art and practical; swapping furniture around and so lots of measuring with the dayglow measuring tape that we possess:O) Trying to get her to understand scale. We've been like a couple of removal men, in the Chuckle Brothers..."to me, to you!". Lol Anyway, we're halfway there and I'm pooped, but the sooner we get it done the sooner I can put my feet in our foot spa:O)

Tomorrow is visit to the vet day for Olive's checkup. She is still playing like a looney...proper kitten play and she's biting things now...which she's not supposed to do!! But how do you stop a kitten from playing? Anyway, fingers crossed that her bones have stabilised and are healing and not loose like last time.

So, back to it. Odds on that this time I'm the one conked out by thinks.

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