Wednesday, 5 September 2007

It's hard work thinking up titles

Ancient Egypt was the reading for today. Junior's choice. We have instructions on how to make a death mask and a "The eye of Horus" charm. It's been quite good reading this together and I'm sure it'll be fun making Egyptian stuff, too.

Olive has been back to the vet's today for a checkup. Her broken palate, jaw and teeth are still a little loose, so she's on anti-bios for another ten days. Vet had to check her mouth to see how she has healed and she miaowed in pain for a little while...poor little thing. Infection is the big risk still, so she's still lording it in my bedroom. Vet said that you can't stop her doing kitten stuff (tell me something I don't know), so she's still whizzing about on occasion and being totally normal. Night time partying still going on!! It was quite sad while at the vets, 'cos a little dog had been put to sleep:O( The older lady, was understandably upset...carried her canine companian out... wrapped in a blanket to take home. She had a mate with her for support..and she was boo hooing, too. There were a couple of us in at that time and we were all in tears for the lady and her loss.

Bobby dog, the new Essex boy, is not too well, either. Son no 1 phoned today, while we were parked up in Morrison's car park (on the way back from vets - needed up-market kitten food for Madam) munching on sarnis and cream soda. He's only eaten one meal since going down south to live with son no 1 and has developed a limp, so he's been to the vets down there. Son no 1 has parted with £100 so far.. on anti bios, examinations, etc for the dog. Bobby is homesick and pining for us up here, so who knows what'll happen. He is actually a nice, animal friendly dog..just has a huge, deafening bark.

Bob and Junior

This wasn't meant to be such a miserable post. Anyway, things'll liven up here soon 'cos it's nearly kitten party time!!!!!...sigh....matchsticks for eyes required.....or do I sedate the little tinkers with sherry? (joke, by the way:O)

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