Thursday, 27 September 2007

Books and Rainbows

Been out and about and bought loads of books for Junior. God bless the charity shops and Home Bargains!! lol!!

We spotted a rainbow on our way home and of course, I got the question of where do the colours come from. So we've explored that a bit. Daughter informed me that she doesn't think that there's a pot of gold at the end of any rainbow:O(

We've also been getting on with knitting which she likes at the mo (pink wool:O) ). Her piece started out as a scarf but, being the impatient sort, she's decided that it will probably be a purse of some sorts:O) Still, if she manages to finish it then it may encourage more designs, plus it also helps with the maths..all this counting of stitches. As the saying goes, Every Little Helps.

New Books

Junior's choice...don't think she'll shift from the layered look, though.

Shall have my nose in this for ages:O))

Been having lots of them, so may as well get to know what they mean!

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