Monday, 24 September 2007


Got my mother staying with us for a bit and Junior is loving it. Baba is a little over-protective of her grandaughter and winces at things like..when Junior practises her dancing and twirls around and around and around ("you'll get dizzy and bang your head". Junior also gets the "stand up straight" (she tends to hunch her shoulders as she is tall)..and "you have to comb your hair". (that fell on deaf ears!! lol. If my daughter had to pick essential items to take with her on a remote island, a comb would NOT be going with her!!). Anyway, they are bunked in together tonight like two proper buddies:O)...with Olive kitten keeping them in order. Meanwhile, old mother here is holed up with two young partying felines who just don't know when to stop!!! Soooooooo, I've stuck them in the pet carrier to calm them down. That should work find until about...oh, should say about....4am!! Then, I have backup in the form of the two older cats who will think nothing of putting the juveniles in their place with a quick whack of paw:O)

Anyway, Baba has treated Junior to some new clothes - pink and black stuff from good old Primark. You can always tell a home edded kid a mile off clothes-wise...they all seem to have their own individual look because of the lack of peer pressure. Junior is into the layering look, wild hair and odd socks. Oh, and she can never have to many shoes:O)

With regards to my crap photography....I think I may have sussed out the focus on my camera...just got to take a good photo now!!

I was at the other side of the room when I took this.

I sussed out how to crop and alter pics, too. Here's Olive fast asleep in her bed, I kid you not. She likes having a cover over her when sleeping nowadays. Maybe there's an airbrushing facility on this machine. Just think how sylph-like I could make myself look:O)))

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Elaine said...

Minnie if you download googles picasa photo editor it links to your blog , uploads many pics at a time for online storage free, and has the most fantastic editor. Taking loads of 'sea' pics I love the straightener where i can level the horizon