Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Hip Swinging Gran:O)

Grandmother and grandaughter practising the art of belly dancing together!! Came back from the shops to be greeted by this sight..... There they were, shimmying away and enjoying it..oblivious to the fact that music was on full blast :O). I would post a piccy up but my life would definitely not be worth it if Mother found out:O)

Mother, it seems, is hoping to groom Junior in the art of business! She's been asking Junior what she has to sell..what Junior bought these items for originally for (fictional price given by Junior, of course) and then made offers on them, which J of course accepted pretty pronto. Junior then has to do the maths and work out her profit. Gran is down £8.00 so far:O) She's also pooped. All this belly dancing makes for an early night and they are both, of course, bunked cosily together in matching flanalette getups in my double bed:O) Me and the partying mogs are on the sofa, again:O)

On a sad note...SpongeBob (aka the goldfiish won at the local carnival) has passed away. How do you lay a goldfish to rest? Anyway, he got a burial at sea via the loo and I was all for cleaning out the tank when I spotted his mate...the 5p sized water snail...who is still going strong and can move at a rate of knots. Soooooo, the tank stays with its remaining occupant...sigh....could only happen to me...adopted by a mollusc.

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