Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Been on walkabouts. About 8 miles and we are pooped!

Junior helped with the map-reading and I think she's got to grips with it and I'm really chuffed with her. Some of the public pathways are proper dodgy, though. Sort of ....creepy, eerie..WAY too quiet for two girlies to walk on....so we went the long way around. Sat and had lunch looking at the motorway, as one does.

Walking along the country roads when the public footpaths run out is quite dangerous. Try doing it with a youngster and two frightened pooches. Still, managed it this time without being flattened. But people DO drive way to fast. It's just plain daft.

Some piccies

Where there's lovely countryside, there always seems to be one of these!! It was SOOOOOO noisy!

Junior posing, clutching map

Some lovely new friends we made on our walk. Sweet:O)

Pirates of the Caribbean tonight. Bet Junior conks out before the film finishes:O) However. she reckons it'll be me in the land of nod first. Doubt it, 'cos I've been bitten by a mosquito and it's driving me mad!!! Anyway, we shall see.

Yes, Junior conked out at 8.30pm. I've had Johnny Depp and co all to myself:O) Lucky me.

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