Saturday, 15 September 2007


The vet is dissapointed that Olive's jaw is still loose. To cap it all, today we came back from shopping to find that the wiring on her teeth was hanging out of her mouth. Junior, of course, freaked out. I think it came loose because the kitten plays like a looney and has tugged the wiring out during play by biting stuff, which she's NOT supposed to do. Little tinker. Anyway, back to vets to get it sorted and Olive is now the proud owner of a lampshade collar...which she does NOT like. Still, hope it keeps her out of trouble until Monday, when they'll try and rewire her!!

Son no 1, girlfriend and Bobby have visited, took us out for the shopping trip and introduced us to the joys of the Wii.. I got whooped at virtual tennis, Junior didn't do that badly, but at least I'm safe in the knowledge that I can beat him at real badminton...much to his annoyance. lol.

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