Thursday, 4 October 2007


We have flu!! Me more so than Junior (I think she must be well protected due to the amount of garlic-stuffed olives that she consumes!!!) There's nothing like an aching bod, bunged up nose and watery everything to cheer a girl up!! So, we are indulging in comfort everything to help sort us out. Today's menu is soup, soup, soup!! (we have a big cauldron of potato and leek) with home-made wholegrain bread for dunking. Junior is eating for England with this flu mullarky and keeps poddling over to the fridge for nibbles. We have a fridge full of stuff but, apparently, we have nothing in to eat!!! What she means is that we are lacking in the convenience nibbles department!!

Ah, the homemade bread:O) Alas, I'm not so clever in the breadmaking department....that credit must go to the electric breadmaker and Junior for measuring the ingredients. Anyway, it's one of those gadgets that people get, use with gusto for about a fortnight....and then err, forget is with me:O) It's only been used about half a dozen times in three years and upon ressurection this time it decided to conk out half an hour before the end of the cooking period. I've tried changing the fuse, shouting at it and all that but it's still playing dead. AND, naturally, the warranty ran out yonks ago!! Arghhhh!!!! (paid £60 for the thing, so it's worked out a tenner a loaf...hmmm..not fair) Looks like we'll have to make bread the old-fashioned way, which Junior is in favour of at the mo. I'm a bit peeved 'cos I wanted to make jam in it, seeing as I inadvertently spilled emulsion paint into my jam making pan...silly me!! Maybe I should send a Mrs Angry letter to Morphy Richards. Wonder if I'd get a Dear Customer.."Here's a voucher to get a new breadmaker" letter back from them?

It was nice, our solitary loaf!!

Junior has still managed to do some autonomous learning. We're still exploring, in no particular order, the atmosphere and space, the human anatomy and Spanish...with a bit of horticulture in for good measure!! (LOL..I've just read that bit back and it sounds like something out of a Carry On:O) )

It must be getting nippier 'cos the older cats are now coming into the house more frequently, which is something as they're semi-feral. It's taken me ten years to get the shy one to trust me enough to come into the house in an evening. This was them last night... cuddling up on one of the sofas.

These two sisters are about eleven years old.

Back to the olbas oil:O)

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