Wednesday, 19 September 2007


It's been spelling today. We're doing ten a day at the mo and she seems to be retaining it. She can spell magnificent:O) I remember being a little older..maybe 10 or 11 and doing such things. The first "big" word I learned in those days was Constantinople and I recall my sister teaching me how to spell it. We used to test each other. Ironically, she was the one who left at 16 and started with family life straight away, never to take exams at all..she was so clever but was made to feel dumb by the confidence bashers and because of them she didn't want to go further with her "education".

Anyway, I remember certain things being of benefit...spelling and I do much the same with Junior..the chart and list girl.

Also, drawing. She draws the lovliest little spindly pictures. Very simple and very effective. They don't photograph well on my camera but they're really rather nice. Shall have to sort out another camera!!!

I've finally colour sorted my wool stash...took me the best part of two hours and I have bags and suitcases of the stuff.:O) Enough to make a good few kingsize blankets for our business empire!! lol. Some crocheted blankets are selling for £100+. Junior has decided that she wants to further her crocheting skills. Wonder why? lol


dottyspots said...

Now I have that bloody song stuck in my head by There Might Be Giants, all together now, "Istanbul was Constantinople..."

(I'm sure it predates TMBGs and I'm pretty sure I've heard it too, but can't remember who did it).

Minnie said...

Is this it? I used to dance to this at the Uki club when I was younger, but we never had lyrics like these:O)