Monday, 3 September 2007

Healing and Shopping

Thought I was being a bright spark today and purchased some superglue to try and mend the seal on the washing machine....I am getting pretty peed off with having to sit, foot on door and watch the laundry go round and round and round. Anyway, I put some of the stuff on the rubber and hope it works. However, I don't hold up much hope 'cos it was still tacky an hour after I put the stuff on. It's supposed to be set and ready after about 30 secs. Ho hum!!!

Today we've been amazed how well Olive's face is healing. She's never going to be normal, as the vet said, but her eye's stopped oozing the "gloop" and such not so nice things. I'm sure when she's fully healed that she'll look, as in the programme, "Ten years younger". lol. Popeye and Meg come in during the day so they don't grow apart... and all three play like a bunch of lunatics. No prisoners here!! Popeye's favourite "let's annoy Mother" trick is to crap in Olive's sanitised litter tray...many times....then go back to his nice clean one!! Little tinker that he is:O)

We have to grind Olive's tablets down and mush them into her food. She's getting a real appetite now. Still in my bedroom, causing havoc. She loves sunbathing or looking out of the window.....I see her from outside when we go out and think "aw", poor little puddy tat:"O) She looks so sweet but lonely looking out.

So, on one such jaunt today, we went shopping...for food and the like. Trying to organise our shopping and meals on our meagre income. Junior wrote the lists..slipping the odd necessity of sweets and pop in!! Weekly list for fresh stuff, monthly for the other stuff. We are intending on doing a lot of baking, cooking and freezing!! On the agenda...lemon meringue pie, quiches, bread, naan bread, apple crumble and pie, some Uki food, Smartie cookies, ice cream.

Syd rabbit does look sweet too, and but is definitely lonely:O( He seems to have lost weight and is not cleaning his nether regions (totally minging), so Radox bath time it was for the little man this morning. He seemed suitably touched by my concern and didn't nip me for once, 'cos he knows I don't want him to get flystrike!! No-one would want their tackle eaten alive by flies, would they? He's definitely not himself though. So, as I'm far too soft, he's in his super douper penthouse the lounge....happy as larry watching tv. Maybe I should get him a blow up bunny of sorts..just to liven him up a bit? Or maybe he just hates the outdoor life. Not a happy camper, type of thing. My battery operated air freshener will be doing overtime if he moves back in!!

So, tonight Junior watched her favourite prog...Doctor Who....which was an episode about Shakespeare, talk of the devil!! Lots of questions asked and sign of her picking up the complete works of our Will to read, though.

Blanket no 2 for pet hospital just about done. Spooky cat has been eyeing it up!! Hope these blankets sell and raise much needed funds.

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