Sunday, 2 October 2011


Two days to go and then Mother will be in her new abode:o) She's looking forward to it...and having the mog. Big bro built her a bird house and she's taking that with her so she can put stuff out for the Yorkshire birdies.

Ringo...obviously used to the Life of Riley.
Can't move for stuff here at Chez Min...and there's more to come. Have to get bum into gear and sort out storing it all. As if I haven't enough....we just happened to go to the local Cat Rescue jumble sale this weekend...and, as per usual, came back with stuff.....loads of it...including some mega retro curtains! 50p Yay. Been washed and ready for hanging up in my bedroom. Junior picked up some corking outfits...for 25p each! Oh, to have her model figure:o) Got a yoga book with dvd. Someone, somewhere once said that it can help with arthritis, so I am hoping to get a little more I can bend and cut my toenails! lol At the mo, when I try, it feels like my heads going to blow up...

The mogs are whizzing about, playing 'chase'. Very funny. They're 'talking' to one another..trilling away. 'Tis sweet. Cilla is sparko siesta-ing...having nicked the cat biscuits. Gotta wear it off, somehow.

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