Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Wish someone would leave me a comment.

Is there anybody out there? Am I talking to myself? Will my kids and grandkids read this when I am 'gone' and think.....'what the **** was she on about?'

Henry VIII the cat is sat at my side as I type. All the rest are missing.... prob chilled out on MY BED!!!!

I am about to have supper....and some nice mog has decided to evacuate its bowels. Ta very much for that. Will get you back in another life!!!! lol


NinnyNoodleNoo said...

I'm reading! Sporadically, admittedly, but I do have you in my reader! (((hugs)))

Minnie said...

Aaw. Thank you:o)

Hope you are ok. x

NinnyNoodleNoo said...

Yes, plodding along :0)