Friday, 21 October 2011

Home Made

We went shopping for 'bits' yesterday. I fancied a Pear and Almond cake but we didn't have enough we went...came back minus the almonds! lol

Anyway, Junior has spied a little combo of book and info/ingredient cards that I have on....chocolate. She said she'd like to make No 1 was a chocolate cheesecake with Baileys Cream. The ingredients to make from scratch are about four times the cost of one good one ready made....but I go down the other route of No.

Nope. Got alcohol in it." says I
You are not allowed to consume alcohol, my dear. Too young".

So....."Truffles" says Junior...which was ok with me.'s WAY cheaper to buy them ready made, too. Have you seen the price of chocolate? The good 70% stuff. Eeeeee

Anyway, we had everything bar the, just this once!
Junior is beavering away in the kitchen. She has to chop the chocolate before melting it and moans that it'll take ages! I mention that we happen to have a blender, which is sat right next to her. Face lights up. and off she goes... So....I can have a home made truffle......tomorrow! (Needs 12 hours to stiffen up, apparently!) By which time, I may have sussed out Bro's camera and posted piccies.

Tinkerbelle is staking out the kitchen, miaowing and generally making a nuisance of herself. She can smell cream a mile off and wants some NOW! Ringo's there, too. Noisy pair.

Little Ringo


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