Tuesday, 11 October 2011

New Star in the making

Can you hear us?........... Cough, cough....never mind....hope this lurgie soon goes.

We have ferried the last of Mother's stuff from her old flat...including plants. The cats are very inquisitive, as per usual and are perched atop the boxes that have made their way here, sniffing away. Jimmy, I hear, is lording it, oop north... and looks kitten-like.... with all the attention from Mother that's no surprise. They shared chicken today, apparently. Meanwhile, back at Chaos HQ....sigh.........where to put stuff? Never mind...will all get sorted.

Anyway....new task.....To see if we can survive on twenty quid a week...food-wise. Have to, otherwise Santa ain't coming here. Times is 'ard....so we are sussing out recipes and trying to sort out a fortnightly menu plan. All fair and well in the normal world....but I HATE routine....ack, ack, ack...air sign that I am...How did I ever manage to get myself married to a VIRGO? Arghhhh. No wonder it didn't last.

It's getting colder, so we are craving more wintery food....I just don't want to fall into the trap of 'stodge'. We will be veggie. Junior is def not a vcggie, but is dissappointed with the taste of meat lately. It is bland...souless. Not surprising really...factory farming sucks. I may have the makings of a great veggie chef...'cos she will try anything...as long as presentation is up to scratch. Tonight's meal is Gnocchi with Tomato and Veggie Cheese Sauce...and Garlic Bread....Prob with a tad more garlic than norm. (Good for you, especially when you have flu......No wonder folk back away from us when we 'natter' to them) lol Nice Neighbour has gifted us some fresh parsley (Vitamin C) as she knows we are 'suffering'. lol

Borrowed big bro's camera today. Woohoo.... It's a 'Big, blokey-type of thing'. Will let you know if we can tame it. lol

The mog in the background is Henry VIII. Number eight in the kitten production line. What a Luvvie:o))) He talks to us. A BIG personality in this house. Been told by our cat rescue person that they could find him a home 'now' 'cos of his personality...but he is ours and much loved. He couldn't get a home when he was a kitten because of his 'looks'. Pity people can't see beyond that when looking for a pet. Megan had four before Olive. They were all homed to lovely people, apart from Honey Pot....who was 'different'. Junior loved her from Day One. We kept all Olive's brood (Bart, Tinks, LooLoo, Henry & Ringo) because people were wanting kittens for weird reasons....like they wanted a boy to beat up the neighbourhood mogs.. or because they were pretty. So, we kept them..... all away from weirdo requests. They are like my responsibility.....furry kids....they pay us back ten fold......but they still eat my plants and PARTAY at 5 in the morning!! lol! But, in the morning....sigh.....it's like....'Who loves ya, Baby?'
and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

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