Thursday, 13 October 2011


In a bad mood today.

We have been trying to get our iMac to work. We miss it badly.. I fear we may have scrambled its brains beyond repair. Elderly, donated pc and minotor size of a bus is ok....but iMac takes up less room and is sooooo good looking and has lots of nice gadgets to play with:o)....but the thought that we might've killed it. sob....

It won't let us log in, or reboot, login button is blue, network accounts are unavailable, when we do a disk startup, our machine chucks the disc out!! It is definitely a tad peed off.

Arghhh. We've spent all day trying to get it back to life (it's still kept the correct date and time, even though it's not been switched on for a year! Yay) Anyhow, Googling for help either just chucks up a load of outdated advice and the rest is then jargon! May as well be in Martian.

Some enterprising person ought to set up a Mac repair business in Hillbilly Land, not charge through the nose and do house visits. Junior and I would be first in the queue. lol As it is, looks like an expensive visit to the Apple shop.

Junior has been making all sorts off suggestions to try and help our little machine..and I've just been the 'Bite your head off Monster' she's gone for a bath and is, no doubt, using every bath product that we possess! My eyes have gone all foggy with looking at the computer screen all day. Ack, ack, ack. There must be a book out there that explains EVERYTHING from into account that I'm old and obviously don't 'get' computer lingo. Sigh... Trouble is, all the book shops have closed down (so no sitting down and perusing) and so all that's left is the bloody internet!!! My fogged up eyes and brain can take no more.

I blame my flu and mucous laden head for my crabby mood and any typos! Going to bed for a sulk.

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Minnie said...

Lol It might be huge and elderly but we've got a monitor, not a minotor. Still sulking.