Monday, 3 October 2011


Shouldn't moan.....but it's too hot!..for October. Really do not get why people like hot weather. Can't be doing with sweaty bettys. (big busted people will understand...Tea Tree oil cream works wonders, btw!!).

Junior is coming down with a cold.....change in weather...and all what I put it down to. Bless her...tucked in bed she is... with Vick, honey and tissues for company.

Am still trying to make room for the rest of Mother's stuff. Phewwwww. Grandchild of Min is coming to help with the move and make sure Great Gran is ok:o)

Jimmy is going with Mother, not Ringo. Some of the other cats have picked up on what's going off....what with boxes and stuff everywhere. They know something is going on. Anyway, they've been harrassing the old lad a tad...and he's a bit fed he can go back with Mother and resume his pampered lifestyle. But, we'll miss him. He is SO cute and lovely. A proper, nice cat. Junior is splashing out on a 'leaving present' and is buying him a de-luxe scratching post, blanket and lots of treats:o) All out of her pocket money...bless her heart. Lovely, kind-hearted child:o)
Ringo, meanwhile, is as smug as anything! He follows Junior EVERYWHERE. She is his!! But...he also LOVES Cilla and can now carry on with the 'love in'. lol Shall have to suss out the video camera so all can see how affectionate the mogs are towards the pooch.

I feel a week's sleep coming on soon.

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