Friday, 30 September 2011

Pissed Off

Our battery charger is pooped. So, can't put up the piccies on the camera that we would like to put up.

Today, got the car sorted. At last. Halleluliah!! We bumped into Mother as we were about to pick up the car. Gave her a lift home, had a coffee and natter...came out to go home wouldn't start! Arrrrrr! I had left the lights on. Pillock me!

So, me and Junior waddled home. So fed up. Bought a pizza, some wine, juice for Junior and fruit for pud.

Four days until Mother moves. Some numpty from the complex she lives at at the mo turned up and asked her why she was leaving. Can't believe that a housing association can employ such brainless, inconsiderate twits. This lot don't appear to give a **** about how the tenants feel....just profit and pleasing their bosses. Mother gave them an unedited version of her gripes and which they whimpered that they were 'trying hard'. Mother snapped back with a 'you should try harder!'.

There are ground floor flats available at this place.....and they put people in wheelchairs and with mobility problems...on the first floor. Bloody, stupid, braindead idiots! Maybe someone ought to bash these clueless housing officers on the knees and see how they'd cope in a first floor flat? Do you know...I can't be bothered to waste my time talking to these people anymore, given the amount of bullshit they come out with. Gnash, gnash......

Ringo is going to live with Mother, not Jimmy. Ringy is a MEGA trouble maker. BIG bully AND attention we figured he would be the right one to keep Mother company. We think the attention seeker may have met his match. He's been Frontlined and Drontal'd. A white cushion for languishing upon, roast beef and much attention awaits him:o)

PS. Would you believe it? Tonight, Ringo is playing 'nicely'.

PPS. Still not got my new glasses.

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