Saturday, 8 October 2011


Been knocked out with the '12 rounds with Tyson' type of flu. Junior has it, but is more 'able' than I at the mo!

I think all the stress of Mother's move hasn't helped, either. Talking of which...her new place is LOVELY. MILES better than the other. Very posh, wardens seem super caring..and Jimmy cat is back to his pampered lifestyle. lol She is very a new woman. The family pulled together to help with the move, which was lovely. Grandchild of Min was a star:o) Son no 1 and friends came up today to collect some furniture that she's given him for his new flat, so he's a happy bunny, too.

We, meanwhile, have to negotiate the 'unwanted' stuff from her flat, which is here with us... still!! ....due to the flu. But, we'll get it sorted. Got a lovely old-fashioned, 'with personality' bookcase that Mother didn't want. It now houses some of my cookery books. Yay! Just got to give it a paint is not my colour!

Will get new batteries for camera, tomorrow!

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