Sunday, 2 October 2011

Not long to go

Well....Mother is all packed up and with somewhere to go:o)

My car went to the garage. Over revving. When I picked it was better. Went to Mother's, parked up...went inside for tea...came out and....bam....dead as a do do. Needed a jump start...due to light being left on by mechanic and not noticed by moi...weekend...garage closed!!!!

No-one around here seems to give a shit when you are down...or your car. I totally get why Mother wants to leave this place. No community spirit. People just get out of cars and go straight into houses..or vice versa. sigh.....Unless you are my immediate neighbour..... who seems to devote all waking hours to spying on us neighbours, then reporting to whoever will listen!!!

Our Landlady happened to call about something and I mentioned about the car. Half an hour later, someone was there to jump start me. I am forever grateful...needed the 'wheels' to sort out Mother's move. Now I can ferry 'not wanted' stuff from Mother's to mine:o)...the family heirloom stuff...of which there is loads.
Ah. bleeping still awaiting their airing. This is REALLY pissing off Junior. She loves the useless, piece of **** camera...but there is no accounting for taste or crapiness. lol Not saying that mine is any better (taste, I mean). miss the piccies, though.

Sorry for any typos. Fingers all over the shop.

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