Friday, 14 October 2011


Junior found some stuff on Youtube about sorting out the iMac. She is beyond herself...Like she's found some major cure....which is great. Mega. I, meanwhile, am just whingeing in misery at having this blardy flu!! Advert that seems to be repeating on the radio at the mo is that if the cough has gone on for more than three weeks then it might be lung cancer. Lovely!

Meanwhile...yesterday she decided that she'd like to have a go at making sushi. Ok. Getting all the 'bits' costs a bit...but we did was lovely. However, she's decided 'bought is best'. I beg to differ. Thought it was lovely. Wasabi is BLOODY WELL HOTTTTT!

Am trying to get to grips with big bro's camera. Wooooo...

We're waiting for veggie cornish pasties to come out of the oven. The mogs have given up. No smell of meat is eminating from the kitchen. Back they have gone to their biccies...and crashing out spots. Now that the weather is colder we have put bedding down for them to curl up on. They are 'appy and warm'. Trouble is, warm time is......partay time!! which = human bed time. lol

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