Thursday, 27 October 2011

Manager's Special

Junior and I have been laying laminate flooring.

Big Bro brought a load of 'Manager's Specials' down. Cost 50p each. They are basically bits of laminate flooring, approx 4ft x 3ft that they have instore and which they put their promotions on. 12 should do the living room, says Bro. They do, too. Trouble is, they are not always the same 'shade'. Makes for an interesting floor. lol. Junior thinks we should paint over white. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I am just thinking...stick a big rug over. Should be mog proof enough. We laid the middle bit yesterday...listening the Mike Harding and his folk music. 'Twas strangely therapeutic....tap/morris dancing..sort of... on newly laid boards. Junior thought it funny. Exercised the old rickety joints, though.

The mogs are more into kipping upstairs with us at night. Cold weather. The lovely, warm duvet calls. lol. Keeps yer feet warm, anyway..this carpet of mogs. Bart holds out, though, and kips in the garden room. What is it with cardboard boxes and cats? lol

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