Sunday, 23 October 2011

Old, Little Sweetheart

Have had a bit of a wake up call today.

Well, our trusty Cilla has, all of a sudden, gotten old:O( I looked at her sleeping form today (legs akimbo on the bed) and she is so getting on and soooooooooo grey around the face. Still a lovely personality. Loyal, loving, gentle, funny..... but she is getting on a bit now. Plus, she hasn't been well this last couple of days. Not her usual self. I get all stupid and morbid and think the worse.

I blame the mogs!! More of that later. Cilla is the daughter of Molly, who was our dog, pre Hillbilly Land. She came to us via my sister, who told me that Molly was a jack russell! It seems that Molly's pedigree is somewhat of the Heinz 57 type. But she was sweet...but definitely not a jack russell.

Junior came down one day and told Son no 1 and I that 'There's a rat under the bed'. This, of course, was one of Molly's puppies, Molly was a bit of a slapper and produced a litter of six to us. Cilla was no 3. Cilla was homed, along with her litter mates. However, Cilla was being allowed to become pregnant, she came back to us. No more puppies.

Years ago, pre-Hillbilly Land, we had a lovely old jack russell named Mickey. He was a rescue dog. We went to this local rescue centre and I was adamant that I was going to come away with a Yorkshire Terrier. Of course, there was a Yorkshire Terrier there waiting for us...and he was LOVELY. Yorkshire terriers around these parts are prized and I was first in the queue. We loved the dog, he seemed to like us and then....before I could stop myself, I asked if they had any other small dogs up for adoption.....Cue...Mickey. He was described as a sprightly old gent. Too old for the 'other' rescue centre as they would have put him to sleep. Out he came....smiling and charmed us, of course. So, after all the paperwork, etc we brought Mickey home. And what an honour it was to share our lives with him. Our cats (only four in those absolutely adored him....even Muppet and Spooky who are still here) He was such a gentle, lovely, funny, loving dog. We used to walk him around the block...a long way for an elderly fellow. Sometimes he could only manage a bit and I would carry him home the rest of the route. It felt like he was getting his walk. And, every time did the cats come along too., to keep him company. It was such a sight to see. Me ...and often junior...'cos she was little then...walking quite slowly...with four a row...following. No-one will ever believe me because I don't have piccies...but 'tis true.. I was reminded of it the other day when I saw two young lads walking their jack russells...with a cat following up the rear.

Mickey became ill just before we moved to Hillbilly Land and so I took him to the local vets, who said that he was ok...just old and wasn't suffering. We moved to hillbilly Land and anyway, one day it was obvious that Mickey had suffered some sort of seizure and off to the vets it was. Of course, it was 'time'...but it just didn't seem fair when he had been such a lovely companion and we had had such a short time together.

I blubbed for England, Europe and the World for my little friend with the big heart. We brought his ashes home. We could've just left him there for 'disposal' but I didn't want him to end up anywhere other than with people and beings who loved him. So, he is still 'here'

But...Cilla. Coughing and coughing. Junior has just started taking her out and I fear the dog may have picked up some unsavoury ailment just from walking the streets. more. The garden is big enough for pooch exercise. I have rubbed Vick on her chest and the coughing has stopped, just about. Dog still sleeps on the bed...has most of it, to be honest...and the mogs still adore her. It's like they are protecting her. Blanket of mogs surround her, keeping her warm and toasty with love.

Junior baked a load of biscuits today. Most have gone Cilla's way. Very a dog. Now...if only J could remember the recipe!!!

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