Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Usual Suspect

Came down this morning to feathers EVERYWHERE! All over the front room. EVERYWHERE!

Had to hoover them up hastily before Junior spotted them (as if they would be hard to miss) and lay the 'body' to rest. Now have to disinfect the floor.

I would hedge a bet and point my finger at Popeye as likely suspect.

Cats are such a pain in the arse, sometimes!!! They've now taken to sitting on the fence. I know what they're up to. They're staking out next door's VERY EXPENSIVE and very talkative parrot. Eeeek!!

It's not as if they're starving,either. Food is always available for them in the hope that it stops this sort of thing. What else to do, apart from keep them in all the time?

Someone I know with three kids would probably suggest a shotgun!!

And, to cap it all.....later this morning we are off on an educational visit to a reservoir full of saily boats (I hate anything to do with water more than 2 inches deep) and then on to a huge and very expensive garden centre to try and find these elusive bloody bamboo canes for our bean plants. How I am going to manage them in the little farty, half a car Punto that Son no 1 has kindly loaned me while he suns himself on a Med beach, I do not know. We are taking Mother and friend so have to be careful so as not to spear them!! (that reminds me...must enquire about ordering asparagus plants). Mother, no doubt, will want to visit the probably very over-priced cafe and indulge in coffee and cake. Sigh......Bamboo canes are all this poorling can afford at the mo. Must not get enticed and blow rest of week's paltry budget on beautifiul plantlings.

I am not going to buy any bedding plants. I am not going to buy any bedding plants....however bargainy they might be!!

Just to live a little dangerously, our little jaunt takes place in the heart of Hill Billy LEA land!! Feel sorry for anyone armed with a clipboard from aforementioned department who might approach us and ask why Junior is not in school. Mother has sharpened her teeth in readiness. She thinks truancy patrols are an appalling waste of time and disgusting intrusion of one's privacy. She's lived in Hitlerland and won't have it here.


Carlotta said...

Lol...I'd almost like to see that one play out!

dawny said...

erm bells on collars
it works for us - well helps , sadly it doesn't protect the young birds who can't fly off on hearing the tinkle . . . . funny thing is we can hear when a cat is coming home now lol, sounds like sleigh bells with all our cats :-)

educatingmummy said...

Hi,just sussing out this blog ring I've signed up to!!

If you don't mind me stopping by I think I'll enjoy reading.
Feel free to step over to mine.

dawny said...

hiya *waves
naughty cats - I wouldn't have any lol - well errrr oops yes i do have a few lol
hope you had a good time x