Saturday, 21 June 2008


The ideas that the ptb have are just too stupid for words.  All too often I am dismayed at their stupidity.

They'll be fining you for breathing next!!

You might want to sign......This

When I was little...about 5...I'd been to town with my sister for something...can't remember what. Anyway, I was ABSOLUTELY needing the loo. This was on the bus on the journey home. It was a long journey for a little 'un. I was crying because of the pain...bladder full.... My sister, ever considerate, just kept snapping that I'd have to wait until we got home. Meanwhile, bus with seemingly no suspension, trundled over hill and dale!! I was in so much pain that I was on the verge of passing out.

Well, we got off the bus at our stop. Home was about 200 yards away at the most, but I was in SO much pain. I could not walk. Sister was still being inconsiderate. There being no loos ANYWHERE she was at a loss as to what to do anyway except drag me home asap. So, people just walked past us, but this particular lady saw me crying and doubled up in pain. She just grabbed hold of me and hoisted me over the nearest drain and told me to pee!! It was just common sense in that situation. This lady intervened and help let nature do its thing. Same with feeding. It's different when kids are much older when they know better, but babies and little toddlers?.  When the littlies are hungry then it's 'needs must'....The feeding mothers are hardly going to 'whap 'em out' and do a Page 3!!........ 

Pah...To quote my ex....."the someone who thought this one up has shit for brains!!!"  Excuse the French and all that!!

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