Thursday, 19 June 2008

She's Here At Last:o)))

I'm a Granny:o))

Little one arrived this morning via natural birth.  A healthy 8lb 2oz!!  Mother and Baby Girl doing well.  Son no 2 proud as punch. 

Olive has produced, too.  Five...all different:o))   (she has appointment with vet in ten weeks time!!)

Bless 'em all:o))

What a day!!



ruth said...

Congratulations Min :)

Minnie said...

Thanks Ruth:o))

I'll get to see her Saturday. Should have shifted the summer flu by then. She looks like her Daddy. (he sent me a piccy) Can't believe baby was so big!! We had bets and I said 6lb 2oz!! Daughter-in-law (who is little...size 10 at most - deserves some tlc in my book:o))

mandy said...

Congratulations Min. I can hear Juniours pleading voice now, just begging to go. Cant wait to see photos of both new families.

Grit said...