Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Time Out

We're back from our little blogging holiday. To quote Junior.."Yippeee, the internet's back on!! Can I watch the iPlayer?"

Been busy anyway. Mother has not been well and convinced herself that she was dying...because of all the pain she had been suffering. I told her it sounded like gallstones and a scan has confirmed this. Mother is well impressed with my diagnosing abilities:o) I am a clever girl and favourite youngest daughter at the mo!! lol. Anyway, she's now embarking on a vegan diet. Wonder how long that'll last, 'cos the old girl likes her dairy produce, especially double cream! Junior and I quite like soya cream, though don't know how Mother will take to it.

Junior wanted a dolls house. One of those big, expensive, two storey pastel coloured ones. For her Bratz stuff. Sigh. We, being poorer than church mice at the moment, cannot obviously afford such a thing. So, we are converting two large cardboard boxes into a desirable residence:o) Might take a while, but she's got to work out how many things, like number of roof tiles required, interior design, measurements, etc. And paint and put it all together. So, armed with tools of the trade (namely glue, sharp knife and paint pot testers) it's onwards with the project!!
Before photo!!

On the kitten front:o) Turns out that Popeye had been a busy lad before his "snip" operation. Very busy. Olive had 5....and so did Megan. I could just imagine next door's face if ten new kitties appeared on the fence, looking adoringly at the very expensive designer parrot!! lol

Anyway, the babies are BEAUTIFUL and just at the "getting into EVERYTHING" stage. The mothers nurse the babies in the same box and take turns in the "childcare" duties. I gave them separate nursing boxes but Meg just moved her babies in with Olive's!! They're very good mums and chirrup away at the little ones. When Megan was producing her brood, Olive helped clean them up and fed them for her while she was busy having the next ones! Very sisterly lovey and what an organised production line! No more, though. All house exits have been blocked until the ladies see Mr/Ms Vet:o)
Olive's babies

Junior came into my bedroom at 4am the other week, complaining that there was a mouse on her bed and then swiftly hopped into mine! Waddled into her room and, lo and behold, there really was a mouse on her bed.....deceased. So, removed the little thing and changed bedding. Goes back to bed. Am woken by squealing. In tired state wonders if it is one of the kittens and how the hell did it get into Junior's room. So, goes into Junior's room and there is Popeye..the mouse killer suspect! He is busy and all you can see is his backside sticking out from under the wardrobe. Then, I sees this brownish thing move and go under the bed!! Arghhhh. Size of a rat it was. There am I wishing.."Please God, not this". Anyway, after a little farting about I move the bed and find......a humungous FROG!!! There's me muttering "Thank you so bloody much, Popeye!!" Spent ages trying to catch it but needed to move furniture, which tends to upset neighbours if you do it at 5am, so decided to leave it until the "morning".

Junior gets up before me...seeing as she had a relatively less sleep disruptive night than me. I explains about Mr Frog. She HATES frogs, so I am expecting shrieking of Olympic proportions if/when she comes face to face with our little visitor. I decide to evict the creature but he beat me to the landing!!! He'd crawled under the door at some point and was perched on the landing bannister, as bold as brass I tell you not a lie, ribbiting away, waiting for the cat/human free opportunity to leg it.

Anyway, he now lives at the bottom of the road in a nice, damp, wooded area.... with all his other 'rehoused because of that blummin Popeye' mates....about a dozen of them!!! Wonder if they are planning revenge?

On the sporting niece came third in some National Championships. She was a bit disappointed because on paper she should have been second but, still, third seems pretty good to me:o) Goldie, of course, won the event as she's way ahead of everybody at the mo.   Bad photo but this is a pic off the screen in the arena.

She's in the pink.

The local kids start their summer holidays tomorrow. Seven weeks. SEVEN WEEKS!! Argghhhh!!!! There is no God!!


dawny said...

hello sweeties , welcome back :-)
and your babies are delicious.

as to dolls houses I'll go blog naomi's , it was dead cheap and works a treat - not that yours isn't luvverly cos it is :-)

Minnie said...

Hi Dawny:o)) x

Yes, the kittens are lovely. One set 5 weeks old, the other nearly 3. We are going to have fun and games in a few weeks time, when they're racing about!! Eeeek! Good job we have a big dog crate to keep them in order at night:o)) We also made the BAD mistake of naming Olive's brood instead of keeping to Number 1, Number 2, etc. So, we have (in order of birth) Bart the Fart, Tinks aka Tinkerbelle, LooLoo, Regal Henry and Ringo. Ringo is already showing signs of being a little sod!! lol Anyway, I fully understand how people can't bear to let them go so. So..... how much is a bag of Royal Canine? lol

As for the dolls house, she is having brown roof tiles and Wedgwood Blue exterior walls. Obviously been watching too much Desperate Housewives! lol

dawny said...

just found your follow up comment :-)
I lurv desperate housewifes lol

£25 ish plus VAT for a sack of royal canine lol