Saturday, 14 June 2008

Brained and Video!

Have been blessed with a cold and sore throat. Junior suffered first and now I am keeping her company:o)) Just what we need with impending arrival of Grandchild of Min.

Daughter in law has gone to the maternity ward with her mum, yet again, for an 'inspection'. She's still enduring these slow labour pains and not liking at all!! Her actual due date is today, so it could be anytime now:o) Think she's realising now the enormity of her decision to have a baby at such a young age...... impending responsibilities of motherhood and labour pains are a good reminder that parenthood is not a game. Son no 2, ever practical, is out at work, earning as much as he can before the little one arrives...or maybe he is avoiding the 'pain'?

Of my boys (who are like chalk and cheese), he has always been the physical grafter, the doer. He'll have his own business up and running soon I'm sure:o)) He's bright as a bobbin, but academia bores him. His brother has always been the delegator/customer services/talk his way out of anything sort of lad. Has always been bullshitting his way out of situations to take the spotlight off dyslexia. School never really helped him out, even though I pointed it out time after time. Seems that very same school is now officially recognised as a failing school and is under threat of closure unless it gets its finger out. Funny that...parents point out the obvious re their kids' needs/they are dysexic, etc.. teaching/school staff fob you off as 'not knowing what you're talking about' (especially if you're a single parent..tut tut).. and.... bingo..years later.. parent is proved right!! The school and its systems IS crap!! Hallelujiah, someone in Authority land has cottoned on!!!

On the Artsy and Craftsy side, Junior has been busy making beaded bracelets and the like. She's also discovered that our digital camera has a videoing facility on it, so she's recording away and you know where that's going!!! We're trying to figure out how to get these little treasures up onto the Mac. Maybe we'll eventually get one up on the blog:o) Anyhows, the pooches and mogs are being very good actors and actresses and awards will be handed out left, right and centre I'm sure:o))

Meanwhile, while the batteries are recharging,  I need to dig out instruction manual for the camera....might save a lot of grief that way! lol Oh, to get it sussed in time for Little One's arrival:o))

Funny weather lately!! Just nearly been brained bringing washing in during a mega hailstorm.  Had to put our more fragile plants under the patio tables for safety.  Now the hailstorm is over.. go outside and you'd never know that Mother Nature tried to nut me one!! It's eerily quiet, quiet on the twittering bird front and pooches are a bit clingier than usual. Don't have tv so no idea what is predicted weather-wise. Seems to be the same world-wide. Another earthquake..this time in Japan, terrible floods in the US. The power of Mother Earth, eh?

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