Thursday, 12 June 2008

Granny Time Looms

Have been a bit too 'way laid' to post, am afraid. Mind is on lots of things....STOOOPID NASTY Council for one.... but they are not top of the list..but I wish they'd get a life.

'Tis nothing to do with alcohol or any other substance either, I might add.

'Daughter in law" is in slow labour. Grandchild of Min is about to make an appearance and we are on tenterhooks!!!!!

She goes to hospital...they send her home. She goes....again.......they send her home. So, tonight, she is having another back massage to ease her pain. All her pain seems to be in the back. Mine was...and I ended up having a caesarean. Son no 2 (according to DIL's mum) has been great. Have told him to get some sleep and not play on the Wii!!!

Have 'booked' my sister and nephew to babysit everything down here...including Olive's impending delivery:o))) I am able to witness grandchild's entry into this world:o)) We live miles away!! Err, what I mean is that we'll have to travel to hospital to witness all this in person and not view birth via some super dooper telescope!! lol

I'm SO looking forward to it....but am shit scared!!! (I know...'Bad language, Timothy!!'....and all that. Lol


And, yes, of course I'm too bloody young to be a granma:o)))

Wonder if grandchild will be a rebel, like moi? LOL

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Grit said...

ooohhh! exciting! let us know how it all goes and good luck!