Friday, 6 June 2008

Who Dunnit?

Third time this week have I come downstairs to be faced with a dead body!!  Still warm, too!!!  Eeeew!!

Who is/are the natural born killer/s in this house, then?  Junior and I have been wondering.   We had not a clue.   Well, we did..sort of...the older cats being Prime Suspects!!  Experience and all that...   

So, is it the pooches?   Nah...they're nearly always snoring away and, anyway, live in a dog crate/bed at night.   Is it Olive?  Nah, she's busy nesting and bad-tempered to boot.  What about Popeye?  Nah...he's too busy annoying Spooky and Muppet with his mischievous antics, like dive-bombing them when they're not looking and running off.   Ha ha ha!!!  Or else he can be spotted po-going in the garden...trying to catch flies and moths...or any dangly bits of clothing hanging from my washing line.   

So..... that leaves  little, tiny, cute, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth Meg!    Yep, Megan did it, in the garden, with her razor-sharp teeth!!!

We've spotted her many a time, galloping up the path..with a leaf in her mouth!!  Clever cat:o))  Anyway, she's moved on to the real deal and, it seems, is not too fussy as to what she catches.   This week, so far, we've had mouse, blue tit and this morning...a frog....all ceremoniously placed on the front room rug!  Eeeew!!!  Downside to having mogs:o((

The culprit

Were I a bit more organised, of strong stomach and 'that way inclinced' I could've used these little 'gifts' in a biology in dissect!!   Maybe I'm a crap home edder but I haven't.  I know people who would have 'picked and poked'.....  but not me.   Bodies have been laid to rest..well away from felines. 


Ah...NOW he's camera shy!!

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dottyspots said...

Oh she's adorable!

It's our butter-wouldn't-melt cat that's also the prime killer in this house, his crotchety feline housemate (well, not so much 'mate' as they'll only just about tolerate being in the same room as each other), whilst looking the more likely candidate, isn't really bothered with that sort of thing.