Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Has she popped yet?

Daughter-in-law is being induced. Grandchild of Min should be here soon:o))

However, I cannot go anywhere near the little bundle as I have a 'stinking, eye-watering, sneeze every minute and so become untrendily incontinent' cold!! Arghhh!! I hate this!!!

Still, better safe than sorry:o)) Junior had flu when she was a baby and it is NOT NICE!! So, Son no 2 will email me some piccies.

Back to herbal tea, echinacea, olbas oil:, honey and lemon, squinting through watery eyes and trying to crochet!! Joy!! o))

Can't upload any photos at the mo, either. Played with the video facility on the camera and we have knackered the upload doofer thingy. Another Arghhhh!!

When I am over this cold and can approach friends and family in safety again....I shall flutter eyelashes at a certain T person and ask very, very nice T to sort us out:o)))

There....you've been warned:o))) xxx

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