Wednesday, 4 June 2008

New Life

Well, still cannot get to the back of the garage!!!

What does this signify? Bikes....can't get to them....supposed new health regime....We are still unfit....arghhhhh!!

So, to counter this, we're digging for England on the allotment! Horray!!!! (Anyway, we need the food!!!) lol

Planted a whole FOUR courgette plantlings today. They need LOADS AND LOADS of space..little Min n Junior did a load of digging and now walk like a pair of old ladies:o)). (need to invest in some relaxing bath salts!) We didn't bring with us any old pop bottles to put over our little plantlings to protect them (BAD MUMMIES!!) so hope the nice birdies and creatures leave them alone. As luck would have it, all our courgette and aubergine seeds have gone forth and sprouted, so we have way too many...more beds need to be dug to accommodate some of these. The rest we shall have to freecycle. Good job we like ratatouille:o)

Ginger Nut continues to be the clingly little thing she is... Junior will kill me for this!!!  But.. don't they just look so sweet when they're asleep? Dog not normally allowed on the sofa, by the way:o) She's a bit of a creeper, if you know what I mean?


Learning Japanese is proving to be difficult. So, we are embarking on the "let's play games to learn" front and hoping that this will help the penny (or yen) drop. On the 'Trying out Japanese food front'...what fun we shall have with that!!! lol

Grand daughter of Min is due soon. Very soon.:o)

Offspring of Olive are due soon, too!!!:o))

Busy, busy, busy here:o)

Waiting to be potted up. Love the sunny colour.

Too many cookbooks...and fave 'bits'..wooden mog, knitted teddy, crystals and pottery dragon...and dust.  Ooops!

Morning Glory....and boy have they sprouted!! They're almost 'alive'..and lean towards the window. Turn them around to straighten up and half an hour later they're leaning back towards the window. Almost triffid-like!!

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Grit said...

none of our courgette seeds germinated*, so it's off to the garden centre tomorrow to buy the plants.

*i have a suspicion it's the way the seeds are dug out of the pots hourly so someone can see 'if anything's happening'!!