Sunday, 8 June 2008

Carry on up the Allotment

We have had a busy weekend.

We have been looking after Ginger.  She was in season and my sister doesn't want any more puppies, so the pooch was shipped out to us until it is "safe" to return.  They have other male dogs in the house, you see.  My nephew, owner of Ginger the Whinger, came down (100 miles) to babysit his dog so that we could go out to a home ed friend's birthday party on Saturday night. Junior's mate:o) It was feared that if we went out without Ginger then she would yowl the street down...and party didn't finish 'til later on, so neighbours might be a tad fed up. And Junior was really looking forward to this.  We don't get out much on a Saturday night nowadays due to lack of funds and, anyway, a bunch of grapes had been promised!! Long story.

Fancy dress was the party theme.  What/who to go as?  Decisions, decisions.   Anyway, Junior wasn't a princess, or a fairy as per noooo....Tonight...Junior was....  Amy Winehouse.  lol.  We spent ages getting the hair right and managed it without any hairspray!!  Plus she loved the make up and excuse for having 'tatoos'.    The party was great. Very funny in parts.  Nice kids (and parents).   I could people watch all day. 

Junior and Nephew

Junior. Taken from 'tuther side of the room.

So, today, we have been 'up the allotment'. Nephew, ably assisted by Junior, kindly dug out another bed for me. This one for sweetcorn. We still have a mammoth task ahead of us...due to the plot being the size of a football pitch!! Anyway, we are sort of getting there. Would get there much quicker if useless petrol mower worked, meaning that I would not be inundated with sprouting greens of the inedible kind yet again!!! Arghhhh!!!

seless lawnmower!!!!! On strike, again! Just look at the height of that grass already!!!

The view from our plot:o))

Nice and Tidy!

Some of the 'inmates on the site...they are not ostrich or emu!! They're rheas;o)))  Bert here, at the HUGE and very quiet!  New mate in the background, I think.  The animals on here are not for the dinner plate and they're very well looked after:o))

Time for refreshments..already?  Part timers!!!
Half a bed done, already:o)
Been weeding brassicas.  Evicted a couple of snails!!!

Resting.  He is the spitting image of my Dad..except a lot taller:O)))

Going home after an afternoon's toil:o) I love Junior's Carry on up the Allotment outfit:o)

Well, Nephew has gone. Off to work. Nights..Six per week. He looks knackered! And Ginger the Whinger? Aw...she stuck to his side ALL weekend and has been no trouble at all. She's spent the last couple of hours looking for him, now that he's had to go to work. Bless. So, she's now keeping Junior's feet warm:o


Grit said...

that allotment is sooo coool! we are just crap at growing anything! last night slugs ate my peas! how wretched did i feel when i found that!

Raquel said...

oooh I'm well impressed with your allotment. And the view!
I had to go away for a week and then we just got so's all going to pot! I need to clone you! :D