Monday, 23 June 2008

Windy Weekend

Spent a lovely weekend with family and there....and trying to catch up on sleep.  I am really feeling quite tired of late, what with everything going off.   Red tape still looming in the background. 

Went down to Son no 2's and had more cuddles with grand daughter.  She's so lovely.  Daughter-in-law is still suffering with pain, so was resting.  

Nephew has been down, again, so Gingernut was happy:o)  Junior and Nephew have been getting on jolly well, as usual.  PS2 has been in action... just a bit and the allotment  has been visited, too.   We have some beans to go in, but can't find any canes anywhere.  All sold out it would appear, so shall have to think of something as they need to go in!!   We're about to embark on digging out a herb garden and are looking into designs.  We don't want a bog-standard rectangular bed...Boring!........more of a pentagrammy shaped design, so I'm perusing all the herb blogs I can lay my eyes on for inspiration.   Scarecrow needs to go up soon, too.  That should be a laugh!!  Who shall we base him/her on?  Lol     And we're going to make some bunting with our scrap material to keep the birds from eating everything.   Better than old cd's and carrier bags which just contaminate the ground when they break up. 

Son no 1 is now on his jollies abroad with friends.  They flew on the windiest day for ages!!!!  He didn't seem too bothered, but his girlfriend was looking rather worried.  Like me, she hates flying.  So, Son no 1....TEXT ME so I know you're ok!!!!! 

Japan project...we did a little taste-testing of sushi (vegetarian) which was surprisingly not that bad.  Very healthy tasting.  Junior was ok with the wasabe but wasn't too keen on soy sauce on her stuff...better in a stir fry we thinks.   It was shop bought of course..the sushi.  Think we might try making this now that we've found some of the ingredients in a local supermarket.  What else can you make?  Shows how little we know.  Difficult when you're veggie, too so shall have to read up on it.  Actually, I'll get my little assistant to do it.  Wonder what she'll come up with?

Olive's kittens are doing well.  They're a noisy lot and she is a very good mother.  We have 3 boys and 2 girls.   I said we wouldn't..but we have...named them.  Olive is so beautiful...long-haired, etc but she seems to have given birth to bog-standard little mogs.  Their personalities are starting to emerge.  Ginger male and black female scrap over the best teat.   Feisty like their Mum.  The other three seem nice and calm like Dad:o))  When T sorts my camera out I'll get some piccies up.  

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