Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Veg Man

We've been socialising with the elderly, again:o))   Been to see Mother, who is not feeling too good and so is all teary and has started with a cold to boot, so no point us staying away now! 

The Fruit & Veg Man comes up every week to Mother's place so the ladies and gents can buy fresh food without having to leave the sheltered housing complex.  Nice idea especially for those who are less mobile.... and it works very well AND it's all good quality stuff.  Junior and I came out laden with goodies, as per usual,  as Mother is still a little unwell and stays in her flat.   The 'oldies' are all sat there in their Shackleton type chairs in the communal lounge , purses and bags at the ready, eager to see what goodies the young guy is going to temp them with this week.  I have to smile, though.  This scene always reminds me of some of the old Les Dawson skits when he played the gossipy old woman.. along with the guy who used to be in Coronation Street.  Who said roll-up stockings and bloomers were out of fashion?!!!  lol

Grandchild still not appeared. xx  10 hours since 'inducement'.    Waters have broken, though and mum-to-be is high as a kite on something they've given her.  Son no 2 is absolutely pooped.....has had no sleep for 36 hours.   Get used to it I say!!! lol    I, meanwhile, am pacing the floor in our olbas oil and vick infused household waiting for news.   Didn't think I'd get teary eyed.....but I am.   Auntie-to-be Junior, who is now, at last,  fast asleep, has set her alarm clock for 7am.  She doesn't want to miss any news and is eager to see the little one asap:o))

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