Friday, 25 April 2008

Onward and Upwards - Chocolate Style!

Well, my red tape doom and gloom continues.  So much so that we may have to move.  Actually, we probably will..soon and anyway, I'm now so fed up of here that I'm almost at the point of no return.  I can't seem to get away from the 'My cup is half empty and not half full' feeling, if you see what I mean?...miserable old sod that I have become.    So seaside, here we probably come!!!  Will be nice to be nearer entrepreneurial  family.  Maybe I can at last get my little business empire up and running?  Get the relatives to help by knitting some posh, funky dishcloths:o))  Lol.

Going to cheer us up tonight and make a vegan cheesecake:o)  Peach and chocolate maybe?  Odd combination, I know, but that's all we have in....... although..  (light goes on in head).... frozen raspberries in freezer:o))    Ah, forgot about those.  And of course they're frozen...THEY'RE IN THE BLOODY FREEZER!!   Junior will go for the choc and rasps combo....'tis a dead cert.    Wonder if I mashed up our remaining solitary 'before it goes off' banana in the tofu, added the chocolate...if it would turn out ok..if we eat it we normally do?  lol  Soon find out.  Then it'll be lateral thigh trainer time again!!   Wonder how long I'll last this time before I fall off?

I'm not blogging talking to myself......uh oh....worrying!! 

It's Son no 2 other half's birthday today.  Happy Birthday girly:o))

Junior is amusing herself with art.  Drawing felines...she does have an art book to refer to, so it's all educational.  She got fed up of French.   When I come off here I have been instructed to point her in direction of maths print off LOADS of maths sheets for her to do!!!!   Maybe I'll print them off in French.  That'll bamboozle her!!

Shall get on with it.  Have to put music on loudly as 'child from hell' next door is kicking his football against the fence and no adult in his house seems to be telling him to stop.   He doesn't talk, either...he a 'requiring earplug' fashion.   Ah well, if he kicks it over it'll be another one for the bin 'cos it'll get popped by a certain pair of canines.  Serves him right for tormenting the pooches.

Blimey, couldn't get any grumpier if I chewed on a lemon. tape's fault!



dawny said...

oooh Min to live near the sea would be fantastic :o)
i'd never sell my house in the current climate.
thanks for your nice comment , wish i had a big enough pair of scissors for your red tape.
and yes you must come over :)

Minnie said...

Thanks Dawny:o)

Knowing me, with my 'animal' history and if we get to the seaside, wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with a pet seagull:o)) lol I'm told that there are parrots, etc living free around the area, as they should I suppose.