Sunday, 27 April 2008

That's yer Shallots!!

Today I was aiming to dig out a bed for shallots.  My plot is overrun with couch grass.  The dandelions I do not mind 'cos they are, to my mind, medicinal.  Most plots seem to me to be eerily.....done..sorted..tidy, blah, blah.  There was even a bloke on a sit down mower sorting his plot out, obviously mowing couch grass and dandelions out of existence .  How un-allotmenty is that?!!!

Anyway, we have loads of windbreak netting and so we used some of that to cover up our brassicas, which look alarmingly healthy:o)  The local birdies have obviously been pecking at some other poor bugger's plantling's.  So.... 2 hours later we have finally got netting over the brassicas (I did have to bring the bluntest pair of scissors for the job, didn't I!!  Plus I don't have an A level in strategic placing of netting...hence time it took to get it sorted)
So, Junior and I have the system sussed out.  I do the work and she farts about.  I should've seen this coming 'cos just as we were walking out of the door she pops something into the trolley.  "What is that?" I ask....nicely.  "Oh, just a bit of MATHS incase I get bored."  Ho hum.

We NEARLY got the shallot bed dug out, etc...only to be thundered and lightning off'd.   Sigh....  Alas, we have no shed on the plot.. yet.. so had to hightail it home asap. Allotment green house did not look view of the lightning!

We gets home and I mention that it would be nice if Junior washed the pots.   After lots of slopping and wooshing with bowls in the washing up water, she asks me about pressure/force, mini physics lesson there.  Then it's weights and measures. Then, for some reason, we got into reverse psychology.   Being totally selfish here, I feel that was a bad move on my part 'cos I explained that bugger so well;o)  

Here we are now..supper time...indulging in veggie spag bog with vegan cheesecake to look forward to for afters.  Choc and rasp.  Told you!! Photo is rubbish and shakey, but back still bloody hurts!!

Sorry. Have not read camera instructions yet so got a blurry pic...but you can see the joy on Junior's face..... The cheesecake is her's!!

Sons when they were way younger. Like chalk and cheese. Son no 2 exuberant..doesn't give a stuff about the rules...Son no 1 stickler for them...Guess which one had the bag on? lol

This is what's on our fridge. Scruffy, I know. But covered in bits that the kids made/are sentimental, etc. Softee moi!! Sorry if you get a cricked neck looking. I did rotate it, but would it listen?!!!! Arghhh

My niece got me this for Crimble.

This is from Mother:o)


Grit said...

i am deeply impressed by all the veg work. our small patch is still being used as a play mud pile. but now i am inspired and i promise to get it sorted.

Minnie said...

Lol. A mud pile sounds like fun. Anyway, mud is good for the complexion isn't it?

Maybe I could start up a home edder's box scheme? Shall have to crack the whip at Organic Walt (70+ yr old allotment site greenhouse sales person) to get going with my order of veg plantlings. I am looking forward to receiving 90 beetroot seedlings soon and copious amounts of name 'em, I'm having 'em:o) Hmmm, maybe now's the time to hire a rotovater/strimmer and bribe landscape gardener son to do the deed for his old Mum?

Has just occurred to me that I am growing wind-inducing veg...all those cabbages, sprouts and beans. Ah well, better out than in:o)

Gill said...

"Maybe I could start up a home edder's box scheme?"

That sounds like a good idea to me! Love your photos. Your boys so remind me of mine. Just the same: one rulebreaker, one compliant.