Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cats and Rats

So, the kittens know how to make me feel guilty, then!! They are taking lessons from the Great One!

After stating categorically to Junior that we are not keeping them all, she reasons that no-one will love them as much and look after them as well as we do. Hmmm, that could quite possibly be true.. They are just plain, black cats and not the stereo typical pretty things. Anyway... I wakes up this morning to find Ruby kitten (normally a shy, retiring type) cuddled up to my side, Cupcake on my front and Charlie and Roxy curled up by my feet! I move..and they awaken....four pairs of big, blue eyes are watching me:O)

Five weeks old..they come when called, wash themselves and can climb onto the windowsill (to sunbathe) and so could, quite possibly, parachute down onto the porch roof if we have the windows open.... Eeeek. So windows are kept firmly shut.

Ah, those big, blue, innocent eyes:o) Must stop being so soft, stop being so soft.....mutter mutter.

Been crafting today..."recycling and refashioning":O) Later on we're off up to the allotment to plan what and where we're going to have stuff. Junior will do a plan. Been offered a swap, apparently. Must be a peace offering because of all the on-site politics we've had to endure. A plot that has been recently dug and therefore is not presently looking like an overgrown meadow, as ours is at the mo. Away from the rat population, too. Amazing how fat rats get on poultry feed! Eeeeew! They come out onto the veg plots, too. So, the council are coming in with poison to try and control the numbers. They're all over the place. Not nice for ones health.

Junior is endeavouring to update her blog every day now. Remains to be seen if she feels motivated enough to do it.


Brad said...

Hello - found you via grit. I scrolled down and found the kitten pic. I would be sunk if I were you. I'd never be able to give them up. I will be the old man on the hill with 27 cats one day.

Minnie said...

Hi Brad:o)

Yes, I think I am pooped. Nine cats is not SO bad:O)) lol

Grit said...

i am deeply impressed about the allotment. i like to think we are the sort of family who could sustain that too. sadly, we will thrash about in the gravel patch with a courgette plant and some carrot seeds again this year, half in hope, half in despair.

Minnie said...

Good luck, Grit"O))

Decided not to have the other plot. 'Tis too near the road and the fence is one of those that is easily "hopped over"...and why break my back digging and planting only to have the goods swiped by the local oiks? Plus, I like annoyingl those of the "retired brigade" with their pristine plots with my "au naturelle" mega mess (sorry, plot). lol. THEY IS TRYING TO BOOT ME OFF BY HOOK OR BY CROOK!! Can you believe it? Hmmm.....Think I might plant LOTS of dandelions:O)) For medicinal purposes, of course. tee hee:O)

mandy said...

HA I knew you would succumb to cuteness in the end. I'll be round for a cuddle sometime soon. lol

Minnie said...

Aha!!! Mandy, my girl.... 'tis somebody's birthday soon, isn't it? And kittens are always best in pairs:o)) lol

Gill said...

Eww, rats! *Shudder* did you see any? Am phobic of them and we got one in our house last year! :-O

mandy said...

Thats not even funny. ))))

Minnie said...

Lol!! You get used to them racing up your leg. Big, blue eyes. Blink, blink:O))) Cats are good for reducing stress:o)) All that purring. Found one fast asleep my furry slipper.