Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Boys are Back in Town

The boys have been up for the weekend. Son no 1 to show off his pride and car..and Son no 2 to spend some mum & son time. Pregnant girlfriend remained at home so son and I could have a talk about life, the universe and how the hell he'll manage fatherhood. Anyway, he's sorted when it comes to the baby..he's taking that seriously and is committed but I wonder how he and other half will cope with the other bits like needing their space and all that.... with the happy couple being so young and argumentative? Anyway, he's had a taste of interrupted nights sleep whilst here. Not courtesy of any babies but of the cat which was his when he lived at home. Poor old Muppet got him back and puked up at 3am one morning:O) Right at the side of his bed!! lol!!

Anyway, the visit coincided with Gran's birthday. She's still ill so couldn't be taken out anywhere, so we descended on her with birthday cards, pressies, grub and a cake and hopefully managed to cheer her up. Took lots of piccies and generally had a lovely family afternoon.

Son no 1 brought Junior a Winnie the Pooh artists set and she is now giving that the Picasso touch! lol. Then we're off up the allotment to see what else has been nicked, put some scraps in the compost bin and maybe dig a bit. It's been snowing on and off here, which is really strange for April, but it's really quite cold. If the cold remains then I can just see us donning gardening balaclavas. If I find a pattern I might try knit pink. Would be different:o) Then, it's back home to survey the chaos left by the dynamic duo. I reckon the best wedding present anyone could buy those two would be a dishwasher each:O)

Kittens are on to toe biting now. I reckon curtain climbing will be on the agenda in the next few days, going by their current antics. I left a ball of wool on the landing sideboard last night and woke up this morning to find that it had been well and truly played with. I actually suspect it is the work of one of the old ladies, probably Spooky.

Tomorrow have to go and sort out some aspects of officialdom as I am looking down the barrel of a shotgun, financially speaking. Keeps me awake at night this side effect of home edding...poverty. Sodding red tape!!

Right, off to cultivate the dandelions:O))


Grit said...

we once left a papier mache model we'd made on the side and came down to find it had been eaten by a rat! it is one of the moments in my life when i could have throttled a small furry animal there and then ... preferably the animal that did it. it took hours of patient work and was to be our moonscape. clearly, i still haven't quite got over this!

(and best of luck to son no. 2 and girlfriend!)

Gill said...

Yes, we're all going to get tangled up in that red tape aren't we :-( Hope you managed to get something sorted!

You making dandelion coffee then? ;-)

Minnie said...

I think dandelion coffee is lovely. Wonder if I could make some hmmm. I had the dandelion tea when gallstones were giving me jip and it helped me get shut of them, along with certain herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM has been around for thousands of years and the practitioner said that gallstones were very common in China and could be treated without an op..."Have faith" I was told. So I did:O))