Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Goofy Shape Shifting

The shops are closed. You just KNOW there is one left in the house. You go (sorry, run) upstairs and find that it has morphed into this!!!!!.   Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!  No!

Ho Hum....a certain little person accidently knocked it into her bath. They never dry the same, do they?

Thank God for baby wipes:o))  And poly roll:o))

Son no 2 rang today for a natter with old Mother here:O))  He's liking his new job (landscape gardening...he would hate a pen pushing job).  Turns out that he'll be maintaining school grounds, as part of his job.   This includes the one that failed him.  Told him NOT to call anyone sir while on that campus!!!  Actually, I'd be far more tempted with the sign language, but he's not that type of chap:o))    Anyway, he goes on to tell me that he went to a football match last night with best mate.  Beforehand, he put a quid on an accumulator.  He says he had no idea what to really do, he just picked teams.   Turns out if his mate's team hadn't have had a goal disallowed (he says it was def a goal) then he would have won £3000!!!     

On the kitten front. We have discovered that one (Ruby) has a bit of a deformed jaw. Her "bite" is abnormal. Her bottom teeth don't quite fit into her top teeth when she closes her mouth...bottom fangs skeew-iffy. When you look up at her little face she is quite, err, goofy:O) Maybe this is why she is the last one to have taken to eating kitten food, so we are hand feeding her with it until she gets the hang of it. She's very sweet and has taken a bit of a shine to me. She's definitely mine..Another Olive in that respect:o)) Climbs up trouser leg and nestles in my shoulder/neck. She has Olive's habit of licking my chin! Maybe I unknowingly dribble and no-one has been kind enough to tell me!! LOL

They're all black. Ruby has pale lips, Roxy has a birthmark on her hooter, Charlie has an angular face and white flecks on his back plus he is heavier than the others, Cupcake is a fluffball. They're whizzing around upstairs as I type. Little galloping footsteps, from one end of the room to the other. Weeeeeeee! Wish I could record it and put it on here. Makes you smile:O)

Kittens are also carrying on the family tradition.....and PARTYING at night! Bleary eyed moi has to keep guard and calm them down before kind until now neighbour says something!!! Soooo, tonight, they are being played with, fed and watered and then are being bedded down in Syd's old penthouse suite:O) Why didn't I think of this before......SLAPS FOREHEAD!!! Routine...that's what these kids need!!! LOL

Junior has been taking it easy today.  Tracy Beakering a la dvd's.

Meanwhile, to make you titter, do look at this blog. Hilarious!!

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Gill said...

Kittens sound lovely! And I'm not even a cat person. Baby wipes - yep, very handy!