Thursday, 24 April 2008

Calculators and Cats

Thanks for your kind comments. xx  Still got loads to deal with..all the crap that life throws at one.

Have been punished for my misery and incompetence, seeing as I haven't figured out how to stay jolly 24/7 yet.   Junior has wanted to do non-stop maths all of the time I've been away from blogland!!!..and I mean non-stop.   I have been told that I am lucky to have child with such an interest.  Hmmm.    This elderly brain is now numerically mangled!!  So, today "suggested" she look at her French language course, just for a change and guess what.....first thing she goes for is to learn how to count.  Arghhhh!!!  Then she's on to clothes, bath products and toiletries.    Subtle hint for forthcoming birthday me thinks,

The kittens have now got lovely new homes.   No more galloping of little paws on wooden floorboards at 3am:O(     Actually, their new owners are lovely people and I couldn't wish for more, really.   They've kept the names we gave them, too.   Mum Megan has been looking for them and miaowing forlornly...for a day or two...but she's ok.  Her searching and calling for them got to the heartstrings a bit.    Anyway, she's back to play mode and has been bringing in leaves from the garden to chase and play with.    Visit to vet next week:o)

Also, the joys of having 5 cats.......came down this morning, opened back door and finds.......deceased...either a huge mouse or a smallish rat!!  Laid by the catflap, like some sort of token sacrifice/ pressie!!  Eeeek.   Where has it come from?  Maybe 'tis something to do with neighbours having 10 rabbit hutches in their small back garden (although they do keep it tidy) and bits of escaped straw?  Or it could just be my luck and that my mogs are good hunters?  They have no luck with the birdies (being as they are so fat!) so they go for the rodents.  Typical example....Olive tried her luck with the birdies....climbed up neighbour's 30ft conifer type tree in search of  the local Tweety birds.  She spent a good half an hour swinging from the branches, having the time of her life:o))
Olive IS behind can sort of see her for Christmas fairy role!!  Was scary to watch.

We overlook these houses, which are 'down the hill' if you get my meaning?  The tree IS quite tall.  Sorry for washing and dodgy colour of fence.  Photos of our garden always come out horrible...probably because it is.  No lawn....the land is too boggy.

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Gill said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling down (((Min))). No wonder, with the kittens going. :-( But when you work out jolly 24/7, please tell me how! Actually no don't, it'd be a bit spooky, LOL.

Sounds like you've got a mathematician on your hands there! I love maths too, as long as I understand it (which isn't always).