Friday, 25 April 2008

Rain and Pecking Order

That blummin allotment!!

Ach!!  Can't do anything.....rain, rain, rain, blah, blah.  Got stuff to plant but can't do it in boggy settings!!    Anyway, Son no 2 said he'd come up at the weekend and strim weedy parts and do his landscape gardener bit:o)  Hope the weather perks up for that.  Rainy weather also driving me mad as felines don't like being out in the rain, so our mogs are in and WON'T go out!   Arghhh.   At least I can look forward to the prospect of not finding deceased rodents around the house when I get up in the am:o))   Lots of growling and spitting as the pecking order gets established.  Popeye just wants to play, Meg is still looking for her kittens and yowling, Olive is just plain nuts and Spooky and Muppet are doing their old aunt/diva bit!!   Grumpy old things.  So, all is jolly here at Min's abode...12.23 am.  lol.

Dd and I had a conversation today about dentists.  Junior is not too keen on them.  She says she is NOT going to have braces, no matter what!!  (Too much of watching My Family, me thinks)    Anyway, tonight she came down from bed and informed me wearily that she had toothache.  She got Calpol'd and has gone back my bed!!!   So, in the morning shall have to suss out if there are any decent dentists in Hill Billy Land not related to Robert Lindsey.  lol    At least I've got a reprieve from maths:o)))

Been knitting and made some more posh dishcloths, this time in slapper red.  Am road testing one myself and have to say that I am impressed.  Plus, it looks quite funky, not your usual pale, insipid colour.

Have to sleep. Been catching up on what seems like thousands of emails. Reading at night always sends me to the land of nod.

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