Saturday, 26 April 2008

Mind Yer Back

The Allotment....... brassicas should've been planted last week, but I was otherwise engaged in misery and so did not carry out this deed. ( I bought them from the allotment association and they live in their greenhouse until ready for planting out).  I have, meanwhile,  been nagged by on-site experts/whizz-wazz gossips/old blokes with nothing better to do... to get it done...which means they are eyeing up MY plants for themselves.  But, 'tis tough 'cos I paid for them a while ago and on-site sales person (70+ yr old bloke) wouldn't sell them behind my back!!!   Ha!!!

So, today....beds got prepared, dozens of the babies planted = back hurts...Ow!!

Nice warm, relaxing bath awaits.  Just depends if I beat Junior to it.  She worked like a little trooper on her plot and even installed a whirly windmill type of bird distractor on her bit, while I could not muster the strength to put netting over mine. So....she is miles nimbler than her old ma and will no doubt get pole position a la bath by beating me upstairs... and I'll just have to ache a bit longer.  Normally, bribing her with chocolate does the trick but recent toothachey days and nights have put her off sweet stuff.  Bugger!!

I wanted to take photos of our horticultural endeavours but forgot the camera.  Will take some tomorrow but what's the betting that the local birds will have munched our little plantlings in the meantime?

Tomorrow is our Easter Sunday and we normally have Easter breakfast in the morning.   Hope the old spine recovers enough for this.
Know how Quasimodo must have felt...'tis no joke. Joys of being old and unfit.

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