Monday, 28 April 2008

All Bunged Up

We had a Delia/Martha few moments this morning and made pancakes. Junior was in charge and so we ended up with more batter than required. So, we pancaked away and stashed them up for munching later...the ones we didn't consume, I mean..complete with greaseproof paper inserts. Posh or what!!? lol  We used our remaining, solitary banana for filling, along with leftover raspberries and agave nectar. Don't know why people don't make these more often. Much nicer than bog standard cereal.

Pancakes (or, "panacakes" as my Mother would say)

Junior has had a change a round in her bedroom and had an eager helper to hand...aka Olive. After she'd 'helped' to put bottom sheet on big double bed, which she was no doubt eyeing up for later kip, Ollie was up on the bay and sunning herself..after she'd had a look at the telescope. This is a pressie from Uncle S to his niece and is supposed, obviously, to help her view the moon and stars, although there haven't been many clear skies to view of late. Think the 'neighbours who never speak to us' might think we're noseying, though.

Megan cat is in the bad books and is doing my head in, big time.  She would have to be Junior's fave cat, very loving, cute, etc, blah de blah but...a Mrs No Brains.     She has a 'thing'  lately about peeing on very clean, just changed bedcovers and rugs.  Not nice:o(  How do you teach a cat pelvic floor exercises?  The others are fine.   Popeye is in for a surprise in the next few days as parts of his anatomy are to be 'rejigged'.  Hope it doesn't affect his personality as he is such a lovely character.  

Am endeavouring to get the shallots in today...even in between showers. "Tis a good time, according to this

Junior and Olive together. Actually, Olive is probably telling J that this is HER sunning spot!!

NEVER combs or brushes her hair without being nagged.


Those two...still yacking!!

PS. We didn't get the shallots in.  Had to go to Mother's.  She is def not herself and keeps telling me that this illness is the 'beginning of the end', so lots of geeing up to be done.  By the time we got back we got rained on by hailstones the size of conkers, just as we were making our way up to allotment land.  Saw a double rainbow, though.  Got a on my mobile.  Have no cable to connect up to the iMac, which is a pity.  

Now, to change bed and rugs..yet again, find incontinent cat and place bung in strategic place!!!

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Gill said...

Good luck with your Mum - I hope she feels better soon.