Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Black Velvet

Can't seem to get my arse into gear today....courtesy of la peri-menopause. Such joy. Head seemed to be nailed to the pillow this morning and I only got up, eventually at 9.30, because Olive was doing a Fergie and angrily munching my feet (brave cat) and swatting my nose in an attempt to get me to feed her!!

My mother gave me a pack of chammomile tea the other day...it's her way of telling me to get some sleep because I must look gross and in danger of scaring the natives when I venture out:O) No Halloween getup needed for moi, then!! Soooo, I did have some of the tea the other night and I'd totally forgotten how knock-out it is. Slept like a log...wanted to sleep all day, infact...had really weird dreams about a dear departed friend. Maybe he was visiting to tell me to get my finger out and get on with the things that I've been dithering about of late (he was a tad like that in life, gorgeous looking, aswell)..or maybe it's too much Halloween? Anyway, I'm off the chammomile, for now. Rule insomnia!!

I need to keep awake today anyway, in order to sort out Junior's Halloween outfit for a party we've been invited to. She's going as a beautiful, good witch and her outfit is nearly complete. I just have a nice, posh black velvet cloak to finish for her and she is doing a sterling job in the nagging department to get me to sew it......NOW!!!!!! I recycled the material from two evening dresses that I had, that I never wear seeing as I never go out to posh do's anymore. If I remember rightly I think I bought them from charity shops (probably from the £1 rail) in the distinct hope that I might wear one someday. I like velvet, you see. I just think it's so lush. Anyway, my purchases were justified as they are going to be worn..sort of. I used to buy loads of velvet stuff...way ahead of my time...again!!!! lol

The kittens are growing so fast. They're nearly full grown size now and are little tinkers!! Been eyeing up the budgies all week. My God, live in this house only if you have eyes in the back of your head!!!

Here are some gratuitous shots, taken by Junior. Sorry about the unintentional "props" (we DO tidy up....now and again). How come she takes better photos than me? They're in focus!! Arghhhhh!!

Oooooo...what's upTHERE?

Perhaps this isn't the best place to get a good view of those blue and yellow feathery noisy things:O)

Ahhh! blue and yellow feathery things that make lots of noise and mess...aka Fred N Wilma.

These two have better things to do....like sleep!!

Got to go and sort the pumpkin!! Time to dig out the electric jigsaw!! hee hee:O) Minnie Scissorhands!!! Bah!! doesn't have that ring, does it? Good job I never wanted to work in advertising!!!

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